Client Success Story

Iliff Aircraft Repair

Iliff Aircraft is a Top Shop Award-winning aircraft repair station located at the Tulsa International Airport.  When they were looking to change the face of their company they trusted Tulsa Marketing – Tulsa SEO & Web Design to handle all aspects of the redesign with impressive results for their b2b marketing.

Client Industry



Target the company’s image to attract a new clientele demographic.


Tulsa, OK

The Goal

Although Iliff Aircraft Service & Repair had the experience, expertise, and capability to handle large contracts, their outdated website was creating a “small-business” image that was holding them back from taking their company to the level that they wanted to be operating at. We wanted to give them the image they needed to land the contracts they deserved.

How We Did It

By using high-end design optimized to convert we created a site targeted to appeal to larger companies for their peer-to-peer marketing. Within the first month of the design launch, they had already landed a big name contract with a company that had overlooked them in the past. We also implemented new functionality to future-proof their processes and improve their effeciency.

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5553 S Peoria Ave #201
Tulsa, OK 74105
5553 S Peoria Ave #201
Tulsa, OK 74105