Client Success Story

Todd White – Lifestyle Christianity

Todd White is a minister and evangelist that was shot to fame after starring in a series of successful documentaries. He needed a site that could keep his large audience informed and a portal to offer them a way to get involved.

Client Industry

Non-Profit Ministry


Create a hub for his followers to stay informed and get involved.


World Wide

The Goal

Although Todd was using social media to interact with his followers he needed a coherent brand for his audience to connect to. He also had no way for anyone to donate or support his ministry online.

How We Did It

Along with creating a beautiful website that incorporated some much-needed functionality – including a way for donors to give online – we also created social accounts on youtube, twitter, and others. We aligned his social properties with a coherent brand across his social channels to make it easier for people to find, follow, and interact with his brand. We also set up event websites for his school enabling his audience to find, register, and pay to attend. His ministry has continued to exponentially grow and expand world-wide.

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5553 S Peoria Ave #201
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5553 S Peoria Ave #201
Tulsa, OK 74105