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Tulsa Marketing – Team

Jeremy Fuller Tulsa SEO

Jeremy Fuller

Managing Director

Jeremy has over 16+ years of web design and SEO / digital marketing experience based on ROI.

He has launched 3 startups, has extensive experience with web design and digital marketing for nonprofits and businesses and deep knowledge of digital marketing psychology. He got his start with affiliate marketing with campaigns generating more than $2,500 a day in revenue.

After starting with affiliate marketing it was realized that owning the product / service is when real revenue is generated and that’s when he started on his mission to start his own businesses.

Jeremy Fuller Tulsa SEO

Svetlana Fuller

Project Manager

Svetlana obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in ICD and a Minor in Art from Oral Roberts University. She has had extensive experience with various non-profit organizations helping them achieve their goals.

Svetlana’s main goal is to make sure that Tulsa Marketing’s clients get the most out of their investment by making it easy to understand the project goals and timelines to achieve exponential ROI.

Jeremy Fuller Tulsa SEO

Chris Ulery

Sr. Web Designer

Chris Ulery has been in the broadcasting/marketing and advertising industry for over 12 years. He got his start producing a local television show, discovered a passion for production and went on to to accept a position as a promotions producer for the Victory Television Network where he focused on branding and advertising campaigns for national ministries.

With his experience in marketing he moved to Tulsa and began working for ad agencies as a composer/producer for radio and television campaigns. He also began a successful design freelancing career where he worked with numerous national and international businesses and non-profit organizations to ensure our clients enjoy sleek and professional high converting websites, beautiful graphic design, and professional “script-to-screen” productions.

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We are always looking for bright motivated teammates. If understand the basics of Web Design, SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media and you think you would be a good fit then send us an email.

SEO, Web Design, Social Media – How We Work

Our processes are simple and our promises are solid

Our Process

  • Discovery

    o We work with the client to find out their needs and goals and create an actionable plan to achieve them. We are experts in the field of marketing, thus, presenting marketing strategies to clients that achieve better ROI.

  • Strategize

    o After the discovery phase we create a strategy that will deliver the best ROI for our clients’ web design, SEO, SEM, social media, and various other projects.

  • Plan

    We build a plan for each part of the marketing strategy with realistic deadlines and KPI’s.

  • Execute

    The execution phase is our favorite part of our process. This is where we get to create the reality of the project we built for our client.

  • Evaluate

    o After all is said and done, questions such as, “Was the project a success?” “Did we achieve ROI?” are all answered.

Our Promise

  • We are here for you

    We are available by phone and we meet with clients in person. Call us, see how friendly we are! 918-884-6018

  • We care if you succeed

    We actually care if you have good ROI on your projects. If you succeed then we will succeed so it’s our top priority to make sure you goals are met.

  • We will lead you to success

    We have 13+ years experience with website design optimized for conversions and SEO, PPC, and paid social campaigns.

  • ROI on your investment

    We will not waste your money. Everything we do is based on if the project will obtain a ROI.